I was born James Eric Pearce on the 31st August 1951 in Wandsworth South London.  The eldest of 6 children, my school was St Faiths Primary and went to Southfields Secondary.  After this I was apprenticed as an upholsterer.  As a teenager I spent my years as a MOD, riding a Riding a Lambretta SX 200 Special.  I married my lovely wife Christine and we have 2 children, Laura and Francis including now 2 lovely grandchildren called Charlie and Tilly.


There has always been music in my life.  The Sixties and 70's was my speciality.  My first favourite song was the 1957 'Last Train to San Fernando' by Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys. a 78'


During my years, all my attempts at learning to play the guitar failed but throughout I really enjoyed singing, and ran a karaoke with my brother John who I must say is the better singer.  I made album covers of songs I love and in 2009 I wrote my first song.  A musician friend supported me by making the backing track,  that song was She Came Walking.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with a large skull base tumour, and on the 18th January 2011 the  tumour was successfully removed.  I did not know at the time how my life was going to change.  Mostly for the better.  Whilst exercising in the hospital, I saw posters for  a charity called Headway Oxfordshire, supporting change after brain injury.  Prior to my illness I ran marathons, I decided to support this cause and thought if I could get fit again I would run a marathon for Headway.


My surgeon and my hero Richard Kerr, knowing of my pre-marathon days told me I could start running again.  And I did.  At the end of October that same year I ran the Snowdonia marathon for Headway Oxfordshire.  This charity inspired me to get fit again, and I will forever be grateful.  To this day I still run marathons.   Headway Oxfordshire recently celebrated their 25th anniversary at Exeter Hall in Oxford, launching their DVD, narrated by myself, a brain injury survivor.

Writing and singing keeps me alive.  After my operation I committed myself to learn to play the guitar.  I have an album of cover songs that I love called James Pearce: Ruby - Driving for  Miles, and 2 albums that I have written, played and sung at Festivals and private functions called James Pearce - Nearly a Life and I'm Nobody's Hero.


Oxford Duplication Centre and Matchbox Recordings have been wonderful in supporting my ambition to release my albums.  Keen supporters of The Oxfordshire Music Scene, they have organised my Social Media and Website presence.  I am looking forward to releasing the first album  Nearly a Life worldwide very soon.


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